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●)Then you would have done it by now.(● 

> You sit yourself lazily, legs crossed, no view for him.

●)Use soap.(● 

> You give him a smile, you clearly do enjoy the view, but you’re not going to admit as it’d simply fuel his ego. And you do plan on leaving later anyways.


> Sometimes you want to, but you wouldn’t get to indulge yourself with her body. It is a part of the deal, anyway. You admit, you could still have fun with her lifeless body… but it wouldn’t last long. With corpses decomposing over time and all. 

not that I NEED one ANYWAY (o:

> You grumble, loudly, on purpose, because you get no view for yourself. And she seems to not have said, or showed, anything to the view. Bitch. Whatever. 

MEH )o:

> You grab the soap and scrub your body, all the dirt and blood. Most of it. Should you bother with cleaning your prosthetic limbs?


> You narrow your eyes and take your glasses off, grabbing the nearest sticky thing you can get. You grab the sticky notes and a pen, writing “No” on it and sticking it to his mouth

knowing you, you’d ✝ry ✝o pr≃scrib≂ appl≃s. appl≂s ar≃ no✝ a cur≂-all, gyll≃n.

> You take another sticky note and draw a skull on it, sticking it to his forehead. You might do a little shopping later.

> Your response is muffled, you were trying to tell her “Apples are always the cure”. Which she could of easily understood considering the sticky note is a thin piece of paper and doesn’t cover much. But you purposely decided to jumble up what you were saying to make it hard to understand. 

> You take out a pen from your coat’s pocket and steal a sticky note from her, writing “NO FUN POLICE” on it and sticking it on her forehead.



●)Not the first time you’ve threatened to kill me you know. Not really scared anymore.(●  

> You don’t even care as you go back in the bathroom, carrying a few towels in case he decided to be a dick and splash you.

●)We’re not doing that. I don’t know if you realize we can slip and fall.I’d rather do it where I don’t have to worry about that.(● 

that DOESN’T MEAN I’M NOT LYING a8=8out DOING it (o:

> You’re completely naked by the time she comes in, you assume she’s enjoying the view. Anyway, you turn on the water and set it to the way you like it and begin washing yourself, lazily, in full view.

you’re NO FUN )o:

> Doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with yourself. You aaalmost decide to give in but in the end decide to hold yourself back this time and just simple clean yourself.


●)Bullshit it’s just a shower. You’re lucky I don’t hose you off like a dog.(● 


●)This makes me think I need to come around more often just to make sure you keep up your hygiene.(● 

> You drag him to bathroom and shot the door behind him, you need to at least grab him a towel. You yell through the door first.

●)If you want me to join you, better say so now.(●  


> You groan loudly before removing your clothing and bone attire.

UNLESS you PREFER for this to turn into something MORE than just a SHOWER, FEEL FREE TO (o;


"aw, don’t be mad, it was just a ‘armless joke.”

"i gotta say, steve, your sense of humor is disarming.”



●)You’re just like a wriggler!(● 

> You groan, standing back up and reach for his arm.

●)Come on. I’ll join you to make sure you actually get it done.(●

> Wow, you are in no way in the mood for this.


> You sigh loudly and let her pull you away. You have better, PREFERRED, things to attend to than showering. Like finishing your meal. 

> You guess you should take a shower? Your last kill almost escaped because they were able to detect your presence because of your horrid body odor.



●)You still didn’t answer my question.(● 

> You actually back away and move to the closest seat, placing your weight on the arm of it as you maintain eye contact with him.


> You cross your arms, pout, and lean a little forward.

●)Am I going to have to make you take one or are you gonna take one yourself? Cause I was actually thinking you and I could go out for once. Maybe snag a few trolls. The ones at my hive are so boring.(●

> You hiss under your breath, and at her. Or rather, mostly at the thought of bathing. You actually don’t mind bathing, but you don’t feel like doing it right now.

I don’t WANT to TAKE a SHOWER )o:


Well “officer” if thats even your real name,



> The first conversation was always so awkward, so forced. But it’d get out the way at least.

●)I’d join you or at least ask to. But I already ate. I needed something in my system before I left hive.(●

> You go closer to him, reaching your arms around him in a crude awkward hug. You’re not even in any kind of mood for mushy crap, you just need to breath in his scent for a moment.

> You grimace.

●)When was the last time you showered? You stink worse than your corpses.(●

> You wouldn’t of shared your food anyway. But that doesn’t matter right now, unfortunately.


> You just stand there, giving no response to her unwanted hugging. Until she makes a comment towards your bodily odors. 

im SURE CORPSES SMELL WORSE, although they can TASTE 8=8ETTER after some time



●)Can I come in now? I figured you’d be a bit more excited to see me.(● 

> You dont wait for an answer and walk in, running your fingers across his cheek as you walk in. You don’t mind the fact he still had blood on him, there’s some still probably stuck to you anyway.

> You couldn’t be bothered to actually wash up before you came over. But that’s nothing new.

●)Were you eating?(● 

> That’s a dumb question.

i was in the MIDDLE of FEEDING, WHY would I 8=8e HAPPY (o:

> You shut the door behind her a bit harshly. You probably would of been “excited” if you had finished feeding, or if you were in the mood for some fun. That could always come later, though.

let yourself in WHY DONT YOU (o:

> You roll your eyes.